Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ferrum Phosphoricum

The Miracle of Homeopathic 'Ferrum Phosphoricum'
( Phospahte of Iron )
Must be in homeopathic formulation, either 3x, 6x or 12x,
Dr Eli G Jones uses this remedy in 3x for apoplectic seizure, restore the patient to conciousness in a short time.
Dr Nimmers and Dr Parenteau of France have cured several cases of right supraorbital neuralgia with morning aggravation.
Dr Schuller generally used the 12x
Dr Helbert use 6x
Dr JT Kent recommended high potencies in chronic cases.
Dr Gorham use 3x for bleeding nose and uterus.
Dr Schuessler suggest to use in sprains, wounds, haemorrhages and haemorrhoids.
Dr James uses for involuntary urine ( enuresis ) in 200c cured the patient.
Dr G H Martin reports a cse of high fever ( 104 F) with general exhaustion, lameness in muscle, headache and deminished appetite with great success.
Dr George Royal recommened this remedy is different potencies for curatiuve purpose.
Dr Nik used 30c for bladder weakness with good result.

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