Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Diseases of Eyes

Diseases of Eyes

Eyes burning – burning in the eyes but the tears are not acrid – “Allium Cepa’
Eyes Affections – all possible affection of the eyes, acute and chronic conjunctivitis, iritis, spots, vesicles –“Euphrasia’

Eyes – Colour Blindness – There is every conceivable kind of deception in colours and vision. Various bodies fly before the eyes. Jerking and twitching of the eye-lids “ Agar’
Another excellent homeopathic remedy for colour blindness is ‘ Phos’

Eye Cataracts;

Cataract Soft ‘ Colchicum’
Cataract cure ‘ Cineraria Maritima’

Dr A B Norton suggest “Causticum’ for acute cataract
Eyes detachment of retina – patches of retina, soft cataract ‘ Napthaline’
Eyes lids Dropping swollen ‘ Gels’

Eye lids itch in day time and stick together at night “Euphrasia’
Eye redness and swelling ‘ Merc Sol.’, Bell’
Eyes Weakness, tired ‘ Conium’

Night blindness with or without glaucoma ‘ Physostigma ‘
Night blindness ‘ Lycopodium’

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