Friday, October 12, 2007


Loss of Sleep [ Tidak boleh tidur ]

Nervous weakness or nervous irritation - The patient cannot sleep from cerebral activity, thoughts are crowing upon him, excessive agitation of the body and mind and all sense are extremely acute. Dr Dewey MD Homeopathy says that it is also very good for children and for the effects of night-watching and emotional effects for hearing good news.

Dr Muhammad Ilyias Masood Qureshi, the ex Principal Pakistan homeopathic Medical College Lahore suggested Gelsimium 200c one dose one hour before sleep is very good and suitable for insomnia of brain workers, it is very useful shere there is a state of alternate excitement and depression. Dr Jahr recommended Bry while Dr J T Kent Nux Vom and Lachesis.

Nik Badrul says he prefer Calc Carn for crowds of ideas and in acute disease -Coffea.

Homeopathy is natural medicine - human friendly.

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