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Vital Force In Homeopathy

Vital Force in Homeopathy

[ Tenaga Hayat ]

Dr Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy, believed that the body contains an in born power to heal itself. Perhaps in now a days term, its Auto-Immune System. Dr Hahnemann called this as ‘Vital Force’ [ Tenaga Hayat ]. This is the force or energy responsible for the running of the body, coordinating its defenses against diseases. If this force is disturbed by stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise, hereditary problems, or environmental changes, illness results. The symptoms of illness are the outward manifestation of the vital force’s attempt to redress the imbalance and restore order, but over a period of time the illness becomes more severe. Symptomatic medicines may bring some relief, but they rarely cure this type of illness and constitutional medicine mat be needed. Such a prescription is based on the whole personality and appearance of the patient.

Acute and Chronic Illness

Homeopathy classifies illnesses as acute or chronic. In an acute, self-limiting, such as a cold. A person becomes ill rapidly, the illness runs its course, and then clears up on its own, with or without treatment. By contrast, in chronic illnesses, a person suffers from continuous or recurrent illness, for example, recurrent infections or degenerative diseases, such as arthritis. Although, there are many series or minor victories and defects on the part of the vital force, it may be followed by remission when the general trend of health is downtown.
Homeopathic remedies help to hasten recovery by stimulating the vital force, which although, temporarily depressed is more than capable of bouncing back. The remedies energize the vital force to rid the body of disease, helping it to return to its healthy state. To ensure that the vital force responds in the most effective manner, homeopaths must choose a remedy that matches as accurately as possible the symptom picture. This is why a homeopathic assessment takes into account a person’s character, stress levels, life-style, level of exercise, diet, food preferences, family history of medical history and the effects of general factors, such as the weather, to provide a unique symptom picture (pin pointing). It is further pointed out that the strengths and weakness of an individual enables a homeopath to prescribe the best remedy and to decide which potency is suitable.

Homeopathic is one of the best alternative / complementary medicine for this New World

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