Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Bones, particularly those in the spine and pelvis, lose calcium and become less dense with age. Symptom varies considerably, and in some women there may be none at all. Usually, however. There is some degree of pain especially in the back. Thinning of bones means that fractures occur very easily. When this occurs in the spine, there may be consequent loss of height. It will be very helpful, if adequate protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D with diet is taken.

Homeopathic choice of remedies

Calcarea Carb – for rheumatic type of pains is felt after exposure to damp conditions. Pain and weakness in the back, especially lower back.
Calcarea Phos 12x – stiffness and pain with a cold, numb feeling. Pain in the lower back and around the hips, which can be so bad that it may fel as if a bone is broken. Pain worst in changeable weather.

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