Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Masuk Hantu , Di Rasuk Hantu, Menjerit, meracau

The patient readily. Patient shouting and crying from least excitement violently angry or scolds till she faints or has gone unconsciousness.
Patient’s loquacity, terrifying hallucination, see ghosts, hearts voices and talk with spirits. Delirium with desire to escape, sometime convulsion.

Homeopathic remedies considered appreciate to be given to hysterical patient.. The most useful remedies for nearly most of the hysterical manifestatation are:

“ Ignatia, Tarentula, Conium, Platina. Next important come “ Valeriana, Asafoetida, Kali Mur., Phos., Moschus, Verat Alb.”

Hysteria with mechanical lasciviousness and extreme nervous weakness – ‘Agnus Cactus’

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