Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Influenza, Cold

Influenza, corza, cold, flu

[ resdung , seduan, selsema ]

This problem is very common in Malaysia due to the climate, raining and hot alternately. The humidity of Malaysia is another caurses. The running nose with simple catarrhal fever [hidung berair dan bersin] Dr Jousset of France Homeopathy, recommended Aconite, Baptsia, Q Sulp at the outset. Dr Baehr of German Homeopath says that Aconite nap in particular useful for children and often suffices to effect a cure. Dr Dewey of USA suggest Aconite and Gelsemium. While Dr S Hahneman himself recommended ‘ Camph’ in the first attenuation was his favorite remedy.

In Malaysia the local people used to call ‘ resdung’ or ‘ seduan’

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