Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Paralysis / Lumpuh

There are three known therapy to treat ‘paralysis’ with great success i.e. by a Malay Urut, by Acupuncture Treatment and by Homeopathic Medication’

In almost all homeopathic colleges and hospital throughout the world, homeopathy therapy has given special attention to treat paralysis. It is considered as one of the best homeopathy can offer – Rawatan Lumpuh or ‘Paralysis’

Dr Hempel MD of USA recommended “Acon’ to be given as a sovereign remedy in almost all sort of paralysis. Numbness and great tingling. Facial paralysis caused by exposure to dry cold winds.

Dr Mohd Nasir of Kota Bharu suggests “ Alumina” for paralysis of lower extremities especially of spinal origin. Inability to walk with eyes closed. Loss of sensibility of the feet. Legs are so heavy that the patients can scarcely drag them.

Dr Diwan Harish Chand MBBS, MDhom., MF Hom , President International Homeopathic Medical League suggest ‘ Ars Alb 200c’ when paralysis associated with great prostration and neuralgic pains.

Dr Chandhok of Punjab, one of visiting professor at the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia recommended “ Causticum 1m” for paralytic conditions, it one of the most important remedies; its usefulness has been tested on too many occasions. Dr Hartman of Germany and others have seen the best effect from it in partial paralysis or in hemiplegia after suppressed eruption.
In paralysis of facial nerve, it has been found curative by most prominent homeopath throughout the world.

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