Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chronic Constipation Cured

Interesting Cases from Our File

Constipation for 40 days Cured

In late 1985 I was called to the house of a relative by the name of Mrs Mek Timah 53 years of Kok Lanas, Kota Bharu, Kelantan who was suffering from ‘ Chronic Constipation’ for 40 days. Not a single stool within that period.. No urging at all and no other symptoms.
I still remembered that my late Prof Dr Ilyian Masood Quershi from Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Homeopathic Hospital, told me that “ Nat Mur 200c’ is one of the best remedy for any type of constipation. So I did the same thing, juts gave her ‘Nat Mur 1M’ instead of 200c.
Fantastic you know that the next morning, I received a call saying that the patient has passed the stool nearly 1.5 kilogram.

Early this year 2007 we had another case of a patient Mr Y , 60 years from Kuala Lumpur complaint 60 days without a single stool. This patient came to see Hompathic Dr Faridah at Kg Baru Homeopathic Clinic.
Dr Faridah still remembers that “ Nat Mur’ is the first choice for chronic constipation and she gave ‘ Nat Mur 200c’ single dose and within 12 hours the patient pass more than 1 kilo of stool.

Constipation in travelers with frequent urging to stool, great dryness of rectum – try Plat. Met. 200c
Stool passed with great difficulty and consist of round balls, which are black, hard and dry - Plumbum Met 30c.
Stool hard, tough and covered with mucus, rectum sore and burns – Causticum.
Other useful remedies : Op., Nat Mur., Nux Vom., Bryonia Alb., Graph. Lyco

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