Monday, October 15, 2007


Leukaemia, Leukemia , Leucocythaemia

It is comparatively rare disease last 15 years but now it seem to be arising. The symptom is characterized by progressive anaemia, a large persistent increase of white corpuscles, a slight diminution of red cells, accompanied by enlargement of the spleen. The disese is very difficult to cure.

In Homeopathy, we treat the vital force which is disturbed and causes the disease. Dr Graucvogl of Belgium strongly recommended ‘Natrum Sulp and Thuja’. Dr R Hughes of USA recommended ‘Picric Acid’ Dr Lilienthal of France suggest “ Ars Alb. Calc Carb., Nat C., Nat Mur., Thuja’

‘ Aranea D., Kali Phos., Nat Sulp, Nux Vom., Ipecac’ are the useful remedies that can be used for leukemia cases, says Prof Dr Nik Omar.

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