Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bell Palsy - Facial Paralysis

Very Interesting Case

Bell Palsy - Facial Paralysis Cured.
File from: Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Centre.

Case 1: Mr Mamat - October ,1999

Mr Mamat age 40 consulted Prof Nik Omar complaint of sudden numbness of face, the face slightly sluggish, the saliva involuntary fall from mouth. On inspection confirmed " Facial Paralysis' or Bell Palsy.
" I immediately give a special therapy which I called ' Integrated Medicine' that is a combination of East and western Medicine i.e. Externally I gave 6 Acupuncture Needling of almost all the 'Ashi' and distal points for 40 minutes and orally I gave ' Rhus Tox 200c' tid for 3 days.

Suprising the next moring I received a call from Mr Mamat said that he face become normal.Inspite of that good news, I still advised Mr Mamat to do one more 'repeat therapy' and with only two sitting, Mr Mamat in completely cured up till now.

Case 2: Dr K Teh - March 1998

A married lady doctor age 40 came to my clinic with ' Bell Palsy'. With severe deform of her face, very ugly look. A I had so many cases cured this type of disease, I just relax and told her that I will treat her within one month." She dont believe that I can do it within one month, but she still asking if I could cure her earlier that that. I siad taht I will try my best.

Out of 100 cases of the bell palsy cases, I found that almost all 100 % could be cured very easily with 'Integrated Medicine' i.e. Homeopathy & Acupuncture.
As I master both this medical knowledge, why not I tried this new method.

According to 'Organon of Medicine' written by Dr Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy in his first paragraph:

" The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it termed."

So I gave Dr K my special treatment using intergated medicine, externally giving 10 acupucntuer points surrounding the face and one extra 6 'shihenkong' with orally I gave 'Gelsimium 200c' tid for 3 days.

She came for acupuncture treatment every alternate day.

Suprising after 4 therapy, this young and beautiful lady was completely cured.
You still can see her in her private clinic at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Case 3: March 2007 - Mrs Aminah from Tanah Merah

A man age 48 walk in with facial paralaysis at our Gelang Mas Homeopathic hospital. I did the same treatemnt for 5 times and on the 6 visits her is completely normal. I think, no other therapy can do such miracle cure within one to two weeks of treatment. Homeopathic and acupuncture can do that.

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