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[ Nanah Telinga ]

Discharge of pus from the ears. Sometime the pus instead of coming out is pushed inwards giving rise to a very serious conditions named ‘mastoiditis’ It is recognized by sudden high temperature, intense pain in the ear, retraction of the outer ear, tenderness on pressure, redness and inflammation over mastoid process.

The best of homeopathic remedies for otorrhoea are

Acon., Aurum Met., Borax., Calc Carb., Caps., Cauticum, Graph., Hep Sulph., Hydratis., Lyco., Merc S., Puls. Sulph.

In Acute Otorrhoea yields most commonly to “ Puls or Sulph” said Dr Nik Omar, a homeopathic Specialist in Malaysia. With more than 30 years of experience he has treated more than 1000 cases of otorrhoea with great success.

He said, “ Bell. Hepr Sulp. And Merc Sol’ are most efficient. ‘Puls’ is especially useful for otorrhoea after measles.
Dr Jousset a homeopath from France suggest ‘Silicea’ to be follow up by ‘Aurum Met, Calc C., Hep Sulp and Iodine’

In Chronic Otorrhoea Dr Jahr of Germany suggest ‘ Sulph, Calc and Lyco’, while Dr Dewey prefer ‘Sil.’
“Psorinum is useful when there is a horrible offensive discharge. Ordinarily when the discharge has foul odour ‘Merc Sol’ should be given.

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