Monday, October 15, 2007


[ Keletihan, lethargic]

Fatigue can be called simple tiredness with repeated variation of stress. It often starts due to lack of sleep. It can also follow both emotional and physical problems. Symptoms like muscular pains, headache, sometimes a slightly raised temperature, extreme weakness of the arms and legs may develop.
Tiredness mat be a result of some hormonal imbalance such as premenstrual syndrome, menopause, diabetes and asthma. Symptoms which are generally found in cases of fatigue are: Dry skin, falling hair, intolerance to cold, scanty urine, vomiting confusion, loss appetite, lack of concentration, poor memory, lack of sexual desire, depression, irritability.

‘Kali Phos’ – physical and mental exhaustion with a dislike to meet people. Headache, especially in students and those worn out by fatigue. Irritable, anxious and very nervous.

‘ Chininum Ars’ weariness and prostration, skin feel icy cold and is associated with loss of appetite and a great thirst for water. Sometime insomnia / sleeplessness.

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