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Definition of Homeopathy

Fakulti Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia
( Incorporated in Malaysia 1979 As per KKM Akta Perubatan 1971)



Homeo - 'same or like' pathos - treatment - Homeopathy is a system of treating disease based on similimum or similarity. It is antural form of treatment wide spread in Europe and Asia. There are more than 10,000 practitioners all over the world. Concentrating mosly in India, Paksitan, Malaysia, EEC countries such as England, France, Germany, Belgium, USA and also in Latin America.

Homeopathy has been serving humanity for almost two centuries. It’s primary emphasis is on therapeutics. It generally uses economical non-toxic drugs. This explains its quick popularity in Malaysia and other countries. It is also known for its successful treatment of chronic diseases such as stroke, migraine, gout, asthma, epilepsy, etc. Besides treating immediate diseases, its strengthens the body’s body immune system leading to long term cure. In this sense it plays a significant preventive and curative role for health. As homeopathy is a natural form of treatment, it is environmental and human friendly.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on natural law of cure, ‘let like be treated by likes’ or Similar Similibus Curentur or in Malay we call ‘keserasian’. The micro doses of harmless medicines were prescribed to the patient according to the law of similars; that in a healthy person would produce symptoms like those of the disease.


Homeopathic system of medicine owes its origin to the great German physician by the name of Dr Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann. This system was introduced by him through research works ‘Organon of Healing’ in 1810. This system of medicine was first introduced in Malaya by the British Indian Army somewhere around 1940’s. Initially this system of medicine were practiced by lay practitioner among the Gunong Semanggol Religious School headed by Burhanuddin Al-Helmy in 1960’s and from 1975 till now this from of medication were popularized by Prof Dr Nik Omar from Kelantan.

Growth and Development in Malaysia

Dr Burhanuddin Al Helmy was the first Malay who studied homeopathy through distance learning from Rajasthan while he studied Islamic Religious School at Lucknow, India. When he came back in Malaysia he started his career as a religious teacher ‘ustaz’ and also involved in political Islamic party. While propagating his Islamic ideology he too doing part time practice homeopathy. He started his first homeopathic clinic at Singapore in 1945 and three years later he shifted to Kuala Lumpur after 2 years in Kuala Lumpur he shifted to Taiping and there he started to propagate homeopathy among the lay practitioner.

In 1970 Nik Omar of Kelantan went to pursue his homeopathic studies at Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Trust Hospital, Lahore and graduated his doctorate studies in Homeopathy in 1975. After graduating from Pakistan he pursue his studies in England for two years and 1977 he came back Malaysia and started his practice as full fledge homeopathic clinic right in the city of Kota Bharu. This clinic was considered as the best homeopathic clinic at that time where he spend more than RM 30k for renovation and uplifting his homeopathic clinic.
This system developed quickly among the Kelantanese and slowly gained popularity thoroughout Malaysia.

As repoted by Alison Nadel, a British Correspodent says in Malaysian Airline Magazine, “ Dr Nik Omar does not fit the stereotype of the dedicated healer quickly pioneering his art. He is too bullish. Both his colleagues and his rivals acknowledge his tremendous energy. All recognize that he, more than anyone, is responsible for raising the medicine’s profile in Malaysia..

Dr Nik has written more than hundreds of articles about his works. His is an active member if International Homeopathic Community. In 1979 he set up his own version of French medical volunteers force which he called Homeopathic Doctor Without Barrier. He is also the founder of the only Homeopathic college, The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia at Gelang Mas, pasir Mas, Kelantan and the founder president of The Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association of Malaysia.”

Concepts and Principle

The therapeutic system of homeopathy based upon six main principle:-

The Law of Similars
The Law of Proving
The Law of Single Dose
The L:aw of Minimum Dose
The Law of Vital Force
The Law of Direction of Cure

The laws say that return to health of the sick person follow a predictable pattern. In the process of treatment it is observed that the symptomatology moves from the more vital to the least vital functional organs of the body. Cured is considered complete when there is a full restoration of the functioning of all the vital parts of the body.

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