Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hair - Falling of Hair

Baldness - The Falling of Hair
Premature Whitening of Hair.

The hair fall and not grow due to genetic or due to some chronic diseases. Sometime dandruff and sometime premature whitening of hair, baldness. There are few homeopathic remedies which are very helpful in treating such disease;
  • Baldness due to VD, syphilis or gonorrhoea - Ustilago Mydis, Merc
  • Itchy and falling of hair - Arnica M., calc Fl
  • Fallin of hair due to dry white scaly dandruff - Thuja, Calc sulp
  • Senile Whitening of hair - Thyrodinie , Jaborandi
  • Bald spot on side of head - Graph., Kali Sulph.
  • Falling of hair with debility - AcPhos., Cham
  • Falling of hair with great itching of scalp - Vinca M., Hydro.
  • Falling of hair during and after pregnancy - Nat M., Nat Sulp, Kali Sulp

Dr Blackwood of England says that Jaborandi is used continously for long period it will restore the original color of gray hair. Coconut oil 100 ml should be used fro external application.

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