Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cough, Chronic or Acute

100 days coughing, one year coughing, asthmatic cough, brocho

Homeopath Dr Faridah

Dr Mohd Nasir says, " Acon 200c' should be given for dry spasmodic cough, sputum absent or thick, gelatious mre in the morning. "Alumen' is for chronic morning cough of old people, cough immediately after rising excited by tickling in the throat.

When I was a student at Kotayyam, my prof Dr R P Patel used to prescribe 'Ammon C' chronic cough of old people with bronchial irritation tendency to asthma or emphysema [Upul Perera]

Dr Nik Omar of Malaysia has treated almost 100 cases of chronic coughing for years with great success with various remedies including ' Cup Met 200c Bryonia 30c, Ant Tar., Phos and Ipecac. All prescription are based on similimum.

Variuos type of coungh such as

Moist - Acon, Amm C., Ant Tart
Rattling - Phos, Ipecac, Hep S.
Dry cough - bell., bry., cup met
Spasmodic cough - cup met, puls, bell
Exporation scanty - Cauticum, Puls, Ign
Chronic cough - calc carb., Hep S., Phos.

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