Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lumbago, Backache

Pain in loin and back, usually muscular in nature. Dr Jahr from Germany is said to have cured almost every case with 'Rhus Tox 200 ' in three or four days except only few cases where he used "Pulsatilla 30c' to complete the cure.

Dr Farrington from USA in his 20 yaers of homeopahic practised says taht 'Rhus Tox 200c' seem to be the bst remedy we have for lumbago whether the pain are better from motion or not.

Dr Upul Perere from Sri Lanka says that he used to prescribe ' Actrecea Ares. 30c' has never failed in cases of lumbago and backpain.

Dr Fairuz said 'Sepia' is also useful for womanwhen the pain is due to uterine trouble, sudden pain in the back as if struck by a hammer. The pain are relieved by pressing a sitting.

Another complementary medicine that can help in lumbago is by 'Acupuncture Therapy' It will relief that pain immediately after one or two season of acupuncture treatment.

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