Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dengue & Homeopathic Treatment

An epidemic infection diseases occuring in town and cities , this disease is term as urban disease. This type of disease are very common in Asian countries effected by thousand of people. The symptom is suden rise in temperature / sudden high fever with headache, diziness, weakness, body pain, lastly eruption which ended in bleeding. If not treated promptly, the patient might cause death.

The main useful homeopathic remedies are Aco., Euph., Bry. Puls, Lacheses. Ars Alb.

Dr Carul Dunham, MD Homeopath from USA suggested Uphtor Per as the first selecetd remedy., while Dr J T Kent, The Presiden of Homeopathic association of USA prefer ' Lachesis 200' is the perfect remedy for dengue.

Dr Khalid Masoof of Pakistan use to prescribe ' Pulsatilla 1000c as the first choice to be follow up by Bryonia. He says" the best for homeopath to prescribe is by following the law of similar i.e. Similar Similibus Curentur.

It is considered as very intelegent to take homeopathic pill immediately after your are discarhe from hospital, as the muscular wekaness of patient will remain for 2 -3 months before completely recovered. Homeopathic pill is the best.

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