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Diabetes Mellitus is a sugar disease whic is resulted from relative lack of the hormone 'Insulin" in the body. In this disease there is a high level of sugar in the blood due to lees production of insulin because insulin reduces the level of sugar increase in teh blood, thus it is called ' Diabetes'
Some apperance of the sugar in the blood is called ' Hyperglycaemia'

Lists of homeopathic remedies which are very good for diabetes are;

" Acet Ac 30,' for excessive thirst, excessive urination, great weakness.
" Ars Alb 30" frequent urging for urination, frequent thirst, general weakness, tendency for impotence, fragile erection of penis.
" Arg Met 30 " Diabetes Insipidus, with excessive urine, dyspepsia, ulcer every where.
" Asclepias Vin 1x, 3x - useful in diabetes with much thirst and weakness.

Case No 500 - Diabetes Mellitus

A man age 50 years was suffering from Diabetes Mellitus with 1% sugar in urine. Patient was very nervous, irritative to cuts and jokes by others. He is very emotional and indefferent ( furious) to others saying, could not tolerate joke sof others. He used to have mental exhaustion, great weakness, profuse urination. Great taste of cold water and had great craving for cold juice.

I have prescribe Homeopathic Ac Phos 1x tid in cold water after meal, Syz. J Q 5 drops before meals - cured the patient within 5 weeks. Now five years had passed and patients reported no sgar in urine.

Case record by Dr Ram L Gupta Page 420.

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