Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Works of Dr Nik Omar

Reported by Alison Nadel
The British Journalist.

This article was published by Malaysian Airline Magazine January 1996

Yes To Dr Nik Omar

The waiting room of Dr Nik Omar's clinic is very busy. A schoolboy whose asthma cleared up within a day of taking a homeopathic pill has come back for some medicine to treat a cold. A youn woman is waiting for preganacy check up and do start a course of medicine for an easy birth [ ubat selusoh]. A man whose severe migraine vanished after being treated by Dr Nik six months ago, has dropped in to pick up a repeat prescription.

For them, there is no question, that homeopathy works. Like many of Dr Nik's patients, they show little concern about how or why its effective. Only a few of the people in his waiting room say that they have come because homeopathy uses natural substances. More stress the fact that it is cheap. One elderly man, partially paralysed and walking with a stick, says that since his last heart attack, there is nothing more his doctor can do for him, homeopathy is his last hope.

dr Nik Omar does not fit the stereotype of the dedicated healer quietly pioneering his art. He is too bullish. Both his colleagues and his rivals acknowledge that he, more than anyone, is responsible for raising homeopathic profile in Malaysia.

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