Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Diseases of Children

Children normally responded very well with homeopathic medication.
Reasons: Homeopathic is natural medicine, homeopathic pill is sweets.
No side effect, no poison and no drugging.

For Cold - Cold come on suddenly, especially after exposure to cold, dry winds. Sneezing, restlessness, symptoms are worst at night - Acon. Nap, Cham., Gels.

Colicky Pain - which cause the baby to pull the legs up. Baby cries and the face becomes red as a reaction to pain. The following hhomeopathic pills may be given; Colo., Mang Phos., Btyonia a., Ignatia, Baryta C., Aurum M.

Dentition - Teething Problems - sore gum, irrtability, stomach upset, crying occur during eruption of milk teeth. Homeopathic remedies are extremely effective against pain and discomfort of teething; Cham., Actaea S., Borax., Acon., Nux V.

Vomiting - There are many causes of vomiting after feeding but the main cause of vomiting is wind. Evert time a baby swallows a mouthful of milk some wind enters. After a little while, a significant air bubble come out as wind, often bringing a bit milk with it. If vomiting occurs immediately after feeding, it may be due to passage of the stomach contents up into gullet. Homeopathic pill are recommended ; Aethusa, Merc S., Colo., Kreo.

Jaundice - Many babies especially born before term, develop a yellowish tinge within 2-3 days of birth due to immaturity of liver, which cannot process the by-product of continuous breakdown of red bloood cells fast enough. Both skin and white of eyes trun yellow and the baby get jaundice after few days. Dont worry homeopathic remedies are the best for jaundice in babies and children, some of the remedies suggested: Acon., Cham., Chel., Colo., Mer C.

Diarrhoea - Dirrhoea associated with milk, greenish stool, bay crying: Cham., Acon., Ars Alb.
Diarrhoea associate with colic - Colo., Bry.
Baby passes watery stool after eating or drinking - Bry. Alb., Vert A.

Sleeping Problem - If baby has had a shock or fright - Cham.
baby irritable and impossible to please, only stop crying when pickup up and carried around - Cham.
Baby wake up around 4 am and refused to be pacified.

Bed Wetting ( Enuresis ) - Usually children are at a loss of sensibility and pass urine involuntarily during first sleep at night - Cautisum 200 bid
Suited to children who are fat, big and grind teeth due to worms, urine involuntary at night.
Other useful homeopathic pills are; Graph., kreos., china off., cina., lyco.

Autism - children very active, moving about, playing all thing around. Do not follow order. Homeopathic pill suggested; acon., Igntia., Kali Phos., Sil. Nat Mur

Tonsilitis - Children on and off having high temperature. Almost every month having fever. Normally it is due to the tonsilitis that causes fever. Treat tonsilitis and no more fever.
Remedies recommended: Bayta C., Acon., Bell., Laches

Napkin Rash - perhaps due to using of napkin too long duration. It is easy treated with ; Hepr Sulp., Nat Sulp., Mez., Sili.

G6PD - All babies and children having G6PD cannot take 'panadol' or pacetamol syrup or any antibiotic. For faver and any ailment, homeopathic pill is the only medicine can be tolerated with G6PD children.

Difficulty in Walking or Talking - Homeopathic pill for 'Nerve and Brain Tonic' consume for 6 - 8 months will help the children to walk normally.
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