Tuesday, October 9, 2007


When these occur from self-abuse or weakness of the parts, Jahr says "I give with the best result a few doses of Phos Ac 18, and if this is not sufficient, Sulph, Conium or Sepia by which means I cure this weakness speedily and permanently. If the patient is at the same time troubled withe erections NUX V helps very speedily and if this is not sufficient, I resort to and generally with good effect, Phos, Lyco, Carbo V, Sulph and Calc C". Sulph is useful when the patient is weak and debilitating and suffers from gastric ailments and has frequent emissions at night, exhausting him greatly. Conium is especially useful where the nocturnal emissions are brought on by suppression of the natural desire and there are pains in the testicles; emissions on the slightest provocation. Baehr recommends Digitalis(3rd Trituration) and claims it suffices. Calc C in cases with shattered constitution. Staphys, Nux V and Zinc for case arising from bad effect of masturbation.

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