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Homeopathy In The World Today

The Spread of Homeopathy World Wide

Germany: The birth place of homeopathy in Germany, founded by Prof Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1810. In 1925 Prof. Bier of Berlin University made an open defence of homeopathy before Medical Society of Berlin. A decree dated 22nd Sept 1934 made Homeopathic Pharmacopeia compulsory in Germany. Already in 1928 a course on Homeopathy had been opened at the Berlin University. According to recent information the Central Homeopathic Association having more then 1000 members.
Smaller homeopathic group are growing up day by day.

France: The position of homeopathic drugs was defined by a decree of the Ministry of Public Health, dated 29th Dec., 1948. There are yearly courses at Homeopathic Centre of France, a homeopathic hospital in Paris, six journal and a syndicate of homeopath.
The are few famous homeopathic pharmacy in France such as Le Homeopathie De France, Boiron and few others.
Homeopathy is very popular in France today.

Europe - EEC

Homeopatic practitiners are available in almost all the countries in EEC. It is widely practice in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Holland. Homeopathic remedies are available in most of pharmacy in Europe.

Italy : Homeopathic in Italy is very popular especially around Rome there there is a homeopathic hospital Elezebata, some where near Fortana D Travi and there another Homeopathic Hospital at Napoli under Prof Dr Negrito. There many homeopathic study group throughout Italy.

Homeopathy In Russia

Homeopathic practitioners are available in almost all cities in Russia such as Moscow, Leningard, Kahrkov, Riga, Rostov, Tomask and many other there are homeopathic clinics.
The Homeopathic Polyclinic of Moscow is staff with 23 Homeopath and four homeopathic pharmacies and over 6 million homeopathic prescription were dispensed yearly.

Homeopathy In India

Today, India is the only country with the largest follower of homeopathy. There are 100 thousand of practitioners throughout India with more than 100 homeopathic colleges and hospital. It is considered as very advance in homeopathy.
The Government of India set up The Central Council of Homeopathy and research have been done almost every year. Today there are many homeopathic specilaist in India. The oldest homeopathic college and hospital is at Calcutta Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital.
More than 20 pharmaceutical homeopathic company and B Jain Publisher and Indian Syndicate Book are the largest publisher fo homeopathic books.


Today there more than 10,000 homeopathic practitioners throughout Pakistan. With more than 20 homeopathic colleges and hospital in almost all major cities in Pakistan. The author is a graduate from Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital is one of the oldest and best homeopathic college in Pakistan in 1970's.

The college is founded by Dr Muhammad Masood Qureshi one of the early pioneer of homeopathy in Pakistan. When Dr Qureshi passed away in 1969, his sons Dr Mehbood Alam Qureshi, Dr Muhammad Ilyias Masood and Dr Khalid Masood Qureshi took over the college and hospital and now his third generation Dr Umar Khalid, Dr Zubeer, Dr Hameed has taken over the Homeopathic Stores & Hospital [ started in 1922 ] and now they have turn the company into International Phamaceutical by the name of Masood Homeopathic Stores & Hospital.
Masood product has been exported to all over the world and well known as one of the best homeopathic pharmaceutical compnay in Pakistan and recognised world wide.


The origin of Malaysia homeopathy is from India. Brought by Indian Army in small scale and now homeopathy in Malaysia has been popularised by The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia- FAHOM and The Registerd Homeopathic Practitiners Association- MRHP through courses, seminar, conference and voluntary services.
The biggest and perhaps the only homeopathic organisation of MRHP is based at Pasir Mas, kelantan, Malaysia.
The Homeopathic Doctor without Barrier is one of the famous charity organisation who works on various charitable projects freely throughout the world such as Pakistan, Afghanistan Sri Lanka, Thailand,Cambodia and Indonesia.

There are 5 homeopathic society with the membership [ total ] of 1000.
More detail see web

Homeopathy in USA

US has produced a large number of homeopathic specialist such as Dr J T Kent, Dr Boericke, Dr Allen , Dr Dunham and other. Before 2nd world war, homeopathic is flourishing in USA but after the war homeopathy was declining.
Only last 10 years homeopathy in US gaining back it popularity. Now almost 1000 of hoemopath are prescribing homeopathic remedies to their patients in US.
The famous school of homeopathy is The American Institute of Homeopathy near Washington DC. There are few homeopathic pharmaceutical company still operating in US the oldest is Boericke and Tafel.

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