Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Homeopathy in Germany

Reported by R P Patel of Athurasramam Homeopathic Medical College Kothyam, India.

Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital at Stuttgart is a very bis institution having over 350 beds. Dr Miller is the Director of the hospital. The hospital is endowed by a German Industrialist name Robert Bosch. The hospital is divided into different department and each department is self-contained. This hospital is the biggest Homeopathic Institution in Europe. Here post graduate course is also conducted for homeopathy.

Instruction on Homeopathy are imparted in the polyklinik by Prof Dr H. Ritter.
Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital has one of the finest homeopathic libraries. There are not only the most of the recent books but also the original writings ( manuscripts) of Hahnemann, Baennighausen and others.

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