Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Homeopathy: What It Can Cure

By Dr D.T. Pulford, MD (USA)
Homeopathy, like the Einstein Theory is apparently too deep for the average mind, yet it is so simple, sensible and obvious. Its possibilities are unlimited, or will be when its unfolding is fully completed, yet it is little known today. This is deplorable on account of the fact that it is the only scientific system of medical healing known. Its deep philosophy, its logical simplicity, the wonderful efficacy of its so-called infinitesimal doses have all been too much for the medical as well as the lay mind to grasp, and, therfore, have been looked upon as 'humbuggery or delusionary' all because of ignorance of it, yet science today is proving its accuracy and truth and eventually as the doctors become more and more enlightened, homeopathy will come into its own.
Nature works all here marvellous and miraculous wonders of the most simple manner possible, which account some of the so called miraculous results that follow the properly chosen and properly applied homeopathic remedy.
Homeopathy is an enlightened method for enlightened people.
Homeopathy is scientific, logical, philosophical, safe, sane, balance pleasant and above all very effective form of treatment.

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