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Tumours & Homeopathy

Tomours, Cystic, Fibroid or Nodular
By Dr P.S. kamthan. D.Sc., Mainpuri (UP), India

Tomuors is the morbid growth or swelling - simple or malignant in any part of the body It may be cutaneous, membranous, glandular or bony. The root cause of such a trouble in injury suppression of skin affections or a history of veneral diseases like sycosis and syphilis behind it.

Cystic Tumour is of hollow nature, cotaining morbid matter
Fibroid Tumor is a colection of tread-like tisues appearing like a knot or lump.
Nodular Tumour is a small lump or node, appearing here and there, generally in numbers.

Here are some very good homeopathic medication for tumours, cystic, fibroid or nodular.

Calc Fl 6x - 12x - chief remedy for vascular tumors with dilated blood vesseland for varicose and enlarge veins - recommended by Dr R. Boericke. Even though this remedy is slow in action, hence it need sometime before manifesting its effect. While Dr Clarke USA says " Mag C 200 - 1000c practically cured with it a tumour. Dr Allen suggested he had a good experience with cases of cystic tumours of broad ligament or in the ovaries have been cured by Coloc 1000c and also Nat Mur 1000c seems to have cured dermoid tumour of the margin of the lids.

Dr W.A. Davidson of London cured a lumpy tumour of gullet, diagnosed by allopaths a case of cancer by Thuja 30 and tHUJA 1000C. Dr Burnett of England used Cupressus Lawso in treatment of tumours when Thuja failed. To be followed by Platanus, Aur Mur, Bell Per according to symtomatology. Dr S. Alexander Klein of Brooklyn USA used successfuly Benz Ac for cystic tomour follow up by Calc C and Staphisgaria.

From: Homeopathic Magazine Lahore Vol.33 March 1963 No.6

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