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Organon of Medicine

Homeopathic Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann

Organon is considered as the 'bible' of homeopathy. It was the original writing of Prof Dr Samuel Hahnemann about his work on 'Homeopathy' . The 1st Edition of Organon of Medicine was published in 1810, the 2nd edition different very considerably from the first, was published in 1819, the 3rd edition appeared in 1824, the 4th edition 1829 and the 5th edition 1833.

Dr Hahnemann completed the 6th edition of his organon by the end of 1841. He wrote in a letter dated 20th Feb., 1841 to Schwabe his publisher in Dusseldorf saying that; " I have now 18 months of work finished the 6th edition of my organon, the nearly perfect of all"

After stating his preference as to type and paper he asked Scwabe if he would publish it. But before the negotiations were completed Hahnemann died on 2nd July 1843. Owing to the various circumstances, but specially due to mercenary tactics of Madam Melanie Hahnemann, the work was not published until 1921.

For publishing the 6th edition of organon effort was taken 6 times by the 6 personalities of homeopathy.

1st Attempt : by Dr Von Boenninghausen in 1865 to obtain the manuscript from Madam Melanie to publish the 6th edition but failed to do so.

2nd Attempt: Dr Suss Hahnemann, a grandson of the author in 1865 tried to publish but again failed.

3rd Attempt: Dr Carrol Dunham of New York, tried to negotiate but he died before completion.

4th Attempt : Dr Constitine Hering, the Dean of Hahnemann College, USA try to obtain the manuscript of the 6th edition, but he gve up because Mrs Hahnemann terms were so exobitant thet he decided to wait for a more favourable opportunity.

5th Attempt: Dr Dayes of London tried to do the same, but Mrs Hahnemann refused the request on the grounds that the original drafts of her husband were in German and the English physician would be unable to translate it. In fact that is an excuse, she infact demanded US$ 50,000 from them.

6th Attempt: Madan Melanie Hahnemann died on 27th May 1878,but her heirs proved to be more reasonable and Dr William Boericke obtained from the original manuscript of the 6th edition of Organon and translated into English and came out in 1921.

From: Library Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Kelantan.

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