Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Homeopathic Medicine From Insects

Homeopathy is well know for it insect medicines.

The are are some 70,000 known species of insects roaming, flying, burrowing and buzzing around the world, says, Dr D.M. Gibson of USA. But of this vast host only a mere handful found their way into Homeopathic Materia Medica as therapeutic agents. This seem rather a pity for numbers of these small creatures posses poison-forming glands and tissues which might quite conceivably prove of value in relation to medicinal therapy.

There are only four which have achieved any sort of fame in this respect in homeopathic employ - the wood ant ( Formica Rufa), the honey worker ( Apis Mellifica) , the blister beetle ( Canthris Vesicatoria ) and the Cochineal beetle ( Cocc Cacti )

This insects remedies seem to have a a special relation to the skin and the genito-urinary system. Apis is very good for renal failure and dropsy or odema, Cantharis is considered a specific remedy for urinary problems including prostatitis, cancer of prostate , painful urination, or bloody urine..

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