Monday, October 8, 2007


Commonly describe as ‘ringing in the eras’ tinnitus is a disturbing symptom of some problems with the eras and hearing. Although often annoying, it is not dangerous. The sound perceived can vary between a ringing, hissing, a buzzing and a roaring noise.

The effects of tinnitus vary greatly – in some the noise is soft and barely noticeable, while in others the noise is crashing loud and can prevent the person sleeping. The causes of this often distressing symptom can arise in any section of a person’s hearing apparatus from the outside of the ear to the intricate neutral pathways in the brain.

There are few causes, some due to the impacted of wax often caused by people trying to clean their ears out with cotton wools buds or perhaps by a hard wooden stick. Other cause by infection by a bacteria or fungus, sometime it is accompanied by localized pain, deafness and scant.
There are some cases which are unknown and very disturbing, antibiotic and steroid will not do any good. Some drugs, when given in high doses, also cause cochlear damage, and thus tinnitus. In general, tinnitus caused by damage of the cochlea in the inner ear can be difficult to treat.

Acupuncture and homeopathic treatment is considered as the best alternative for tinnitus.

No other sistem of medicine can treat 'tinitus' successfully. Homeopathy medicine orally and 'clasical chinese acupuncture' are considered as the best treatment for tinnitus.
No matter how long the patient suffered, acupuncture will help to calm down the 'ringing' in the ears.
We have treated large number of tinnitus cases with ear acupuncture.

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