Monday, October 8, 2007

Uses of Radium In Homeopathy

Radium used in Homeopathic practice has been potentised into 10-60 mg.

Among the most successful local uses Homeopathic Raduim in 30c potency may be mentioned cases of lupus, epithelioma, carcinoma of the cervix uteri and urethral carbuncle. The Radium like X Ray can cause as well as cure cancer is on recored. I have quoted a case ( H.H. August 1923 ) in a practitioner who contracted squamous celled carcinoma from a careless handling of Radium tubes. Cases of cure of skin cases with Radium in potencies are numberous. T. Simpson (W.W April 1923 ) records one such.

" A retired excise officer had an intractable eruption on the genitals, inner surface of thighs and legs, which had prevented him getting any refreshing sleep for three years. One tablet of Homeopathic Radium 30c each morning were prescribed for a month. All conditiones were vastly improved, and the patient got well without further medication.

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